[ Getting started with iziBasic ]

Getting Started With iziBasic UI

Upon first launching iziBasic, there are minimal UI controls on the screen. The primary reason for this is that iziBasic itself is the compiler. None of the actual coding is written within from here.

What you will find in iziBasic's main form are controls for dictating how the compiler functions.

Upon clicking the iziBasic title, the default "About Box" form is displayed. This form provides version and contact information. Clicking the Options button allows for a few preferences to be set:

 * Editor
 * Pause When Chaining
 * Source Code Skeleton generator

The drop down list provides the option to choose which iziBasic code file to compile. These files are either embedded in the MemoPad database or are DOC files.

Clicking the "editor" button will launch the program which is designated as the "editor of choice".

If the verbose checkbox is set, feedback will be printed to the screen displaying the progress of the compilation attempt. This is very helpful in debugging troublesome code.

Pressing the Build It button will compile the currently selected source code file. If the compilation is successful, a Run button will be presented for quick testing of the new program.

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