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Onboard Code Editors

iziBasic itself is just a compiler. To enter your source code, you need a text editor. iziBasic can use memos written in the built-in Memo Pad, or you can use one of the many third-party DOC editors available.

Resource Editors

You can create simple apps using just iziBasic and a text editor. However, to create more sophisticated programs (using custom forms, graphics, icons, sounds, etc.), you'll need to create these as resources using a resource editor.

Luckily, there are third-party resource editors available that run on your Palm, and they work very nicely with iziBasic:

Palm Pascal Applets

If there's a function you can't find in iziBasic, or you need higher performance, you can extend your iziBasic program using "applets" written in Palm Pascal.

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